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Point Cloud

Our Point Cloud to Revit Modelling service enables the conversion of intricate point cloud data into detailed and accurate Revit models.  

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Precise Modelling

Our point cloud to Revit modelling service translates point cloud data into detailed and accurate Revit models, capturing the precise dimensions and conditions of existing structures.

High-Quality Data

Point cloud data offers high-quality, comprehensive spatial data, providing valuable input for creating detailed, precise, and realistic Revit models.

Streamlined Workflow

This service streamlines the process of creating as-built models, enabling faster and more efficient workflows for design, renovation, and retrofitting projects.

Improved Decision Making

The precise Revit models created from point cloud data facilitate improved decision making, as they allow for accurate analysis, design exploration, and visualization of existing conditions.

Reduced Site Visits

By using point cloud data for modelling, the need for multiple site visits for measurements can be significantly reduced, saving time and resources.

Integrated Staff Support

We offer the unique service of integrating one of team into your project, providing immediate, ongoing support throughout your project's duration, helping to keep your project on schedule and within budget.​

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